A Lover in the Land of Hell


Universal Truths

disguised as simple rhythmic poetry


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A Lover in the Land of Hell: A Collection of Spiritually Enlightening Poetry for Personal and Planetary Transformation and Growth is an entertaining, yet deep thought provoking, new age instruction manual for positive self transformation and thus world transformation. From birth to death the reader is taken on a journey exemplifying the bitter realities of our present day planet earth and steps we can all take to help create positive change. The poems are simple, easy to read and rhythmic in style. Influenced by jazz and hip hop music, the poems may be classified as spoken word poetry as they take on a whole new energy when read out loud. The poetry topics aim to raise awareness about social issues and injustices of the day. Topics include self image issues, politics, homelessness, planet earth, women's empowerment, compassion for animals, health, diet, money, meditation, law of attraction, gratitude, love, death, God, the devil, consciousness and spirituality. Overall, A Lover in the Land of Hell is an inspiring, motivational, eye opening and empowering book which will help guide the reader towards making positive changes in their own life and amplify healing on all levels, thus contributing to a more peaceful, compassionate and abundant world! In order to truly create significant changes on this planet we must first change ourselves!
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